About Zorab Creation
For more than 40 years, the name Zorab has been synonymous with beautiful jewelry that is both playful and sophisticated. Founded by Zohrab and Arsine Istamboulian, the company has become known worldwide for creating joyful and unique pieces inspired by nature. Building upon the tremendous success of the company founders, Zorab Creation is now run by the second generation of Istamboulians - Henri and Liza. Zorab Creation's expertly skilled artisans combine high-end materials and craftsmanship to create jewelry pieces that both celebrate classic elegance and inspire contemporary style. Employing more than 150 skilled artisans, Zorab Creation is one of the few left in Haute Joaillerie that have kept their entire production in-house to ensure quality. This commitment to excellence is evident in every Zorab piece, and has earned the company prestigious awards in Madrid, New York and Vienna.

Zorab Creation’s Craftsmanship
Zorab Creation is synonymous with luxury, elegance and cutting-edge designs. As a true leader in high-fashion color gemstone jewelry, we continually push the envelope by utilizing extraordinary cutting and setting techniques, which bring out the natural beauty of the gemstones within our designs. The Zorab Creation brand has enormous breadth and depth in design and color gemstones to personify the individual style of every collector, making color gemstone jewelry the fashion statement and necessity it is today. Zorab Creation continues the tradition of remaining a "true in-house atelier.” To maintain the integrity of our brand, the figurehead must be the inherent actual designer who sets the standards for the brand, with everything being done in-house as opposed to outsourcing. A true artist has a style and a vision that are fundamentally intrinsic in the brand identity. As both the CEO and an artist, Zohrab Istamboulian designs’ represent his vision, his heart and his soul. We know exactly who we are and we don't try to emulate anyone. A true design house leaves its own mark and creates its own legacy. We start with the sketch and rendering and bring every piece to life.

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