Who is the Zorab Creation Woman?
Each design is Dramatic, Sophisticated and Timeless. Zohrab Istamboulian designs for the modern woman, with the idea that jewelry should be sexy, stylish, edgy, and chic, as are all women. His designs make women feel feminine and powerful. The collection is a fusion of oriental designs that are translated into a contemporary setting, but as always, his designs are where jewelry meets art. The collection comprises designs of multi-shaped jewels which bloom in a blaze of multi-colored precious gemstones, diamonds, and gold. The designs take inspirations from where the Art of the East meets the Art of the West. These designs appeal to women of all ages and each piece is uniquely created with perfect synthesis between luxury and everyday life. The pieces are serially numbered to preserve their identity and to give assurance to each client that they have the right to be the sole owner of that masterpiece.

Zorab Creation as a Global Brand Zorab Creation
has served numerous celebrity clientele, including Elizabeth Taylor, Celine Dion, Scarlett Johansson, Mariah Carey, Kerry Washington, Katy Perry, Kim Kardashian, and Eva Longoria, just to name a few. Wearing Zorab Creation to red carpet events, galas, and in magazine shoots, our celebrity models continuously expand awareness of the Zorab brand. Elizabeth Taylor was an avid collector of Zorab Creation. After her passing, her stunning Zorab pieces were auctioned off at Christie’s New York ( saleroom.aspx) Zorab Creation has also appeared in the various press, including magazine spreads for Harper’s Bazaar, Ocean Magazine, Paper Mag, Latina Magazine and Modern Jeweler.

As a brand looking to succeed in the 21st-century marketing world, our goal is to create a series of strategic marketing initiatives that will help our retail partners attract and engage customers in ways that are fresh, innovative and on-going. We wanted to design a campaign that enables them to share the deep emotion and passion that comes from wearing Zorab Creation.

As many people tell us that our jewels create memories that last forever, we are sought after to be included in luxury publications and social media campaigns with our retailers, which furthers our brand awareness with the public. These advertisements are designed to drive new customers to our retail partners. Additionally, we are continuously working with leading jewelry publicists to get our name in front of select mainstream luxury magazine editors across the world.

Zorab Creation is a trendsetter in the fashion jewelry industry, with hundreds of exclusive new designs created every year with the best craftsmanship and quality in mind. We continue to grow as a recognized global brand, showing no limits in the expansion. We take pride in helping our retail partners grow their business.

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